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Cold Weather Increases Pest Control Issues

So, you thought you were the only one who likes to be warm in winter. Well, think again, because bugs and rodents also seek warmth during the cold winter months. As temperatures dip, many types of animals, especially ants, mice, squirrels, and raccoons start to move into homes to seek warm shelter.

It seems that when the temperatures plummet, the invasion begins. This is because rodents and bugs can sense heat and will follow the heat trail that leads right into your home. They will find a way to enter the home.

Some rodents such as squirrels and mice dig or chew a hole to get into the home if there isn’t one. Another way that many bugs and rodents gain access to homes is through tree branches that overhang the rooftops. This is an easy way for them to gain access to any residence.

If you have bugs, such as ants, in your home you will usually notice them running around in the kitchen area. With rodents, however, you may not even see them, but you will certainly hear them. Most rodents are nocturnal so they will come out at night and if they are up in your attic you will hear them digging or gnawing.

Coastal Termite and Pest Control can help you with any of these pest issues. Our trained and professional staff will come out to evaluate your problem and will recommend the best solution. So, call and make an appointment today before your home is overrun with nasty pests.


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We also offer service for gophers, ground squirrels, moles, birds and live animal trapping.


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Our technicians are not only clean cut and courteous but professional. We believe in education and excellence.  We think you’ll notice a difference from what you’re probably used to and expecting when our technician shows up at your door.  Achieving success and advising what needs to be done to reach that goal starts at inception.

Coastal Termite and Pest Control, Inc. has become a leader in providing full service pest control in the Bay Area using the most modern technology. We proudly offer effective and affordable residential and commercial pest control. We opened our doors in 2005 as a termite only company. Within a few years we realized the demand for pest control services. So in 2009 we started our pest control division.

Effective pest control is a process that requires consistency. We provide year-round monitoring and documentation to ensure the effectiveness of your service. First we inspect, identify, and evaluate reasons pests infest your home. Our technicians reports in conjunction with the home owner efforts to eliminate conducive conditions. Coastal Termite and Pest Control’s technicians are trained to identify your pest challenges, and high- risk areas.