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There are many, many things you can do to help prevent and eliminate pests in and around the home without using pesticides. Here are a few suggestions:

Prevention: Making your home unattractive to pests… Use concrete or plastic instead of wood landscape timbers. Keep plants trimmed and woodpiles away from house. Use “bug lights” in exterior light fixtures.

Mechanical Control: Use traps for mice and rats. Use sticky traps to locate and control insect/spider infestations. Use light traps indoors for flies, etc., flypaper and swatters too.

Moisture Control: Repair leaky roofs, faucets, pipes and appliances. Clean gutters and downspouts. Eliminate standing water and water in outdoor containers.

Exclusion: Keep doors, windows and vents screened and well sealed. Keep exterior free from cracks,wood painted, stained or sealed. Seal items in storage. Before bringing in new items, inspect them for pests.

Cleaning: Keep trash containers clean and tightly sealed. Keep foods in sealed containers. Don’t pet food or birdseed out for long periods. Remove clutter and junk, indoors and out. Vacuum regularly.

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