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Bird Control

Coastal Termite and Pest Control has provided pest control for several years in the Bay Area. Our specialized trained technicians can help you control urban bird problems at your home or business. We are dedicated to providing a complete solution for your needs.

The mess and damage birds cause when they roost, cause home owner and commercial facility managers extensive damage and extreme frustration.

Damage Caused by birds

  • Feathers, droppings, and debris from next can clog drains and lead to damage
  • Droppings can cause walking hazards, creating slippery walkways
  • Droppings are acidic and they corrode metal, fecase paint, and stain building exteriors
  • Potentially spread diseases and infections

A Technician will be able to come out to your home or facility to meet with you to assess the situation quickly and customize a solution to addresses your problem. Bird control is important due to the damage and potential disease problems problem birds often create. Left over bird dropping can cause serious diseases, including salmonella, meningitis, to name a few. Nesting materials can cause failure to rooftop air conditioning units or  block chimneys a prime nesting spot for Homeowners and companies can spend significant amounts to cleaning up recurrently problems they don’t resolve.

Products/ Solutions

Birds have a natural instinct to stay near their birth site. Netting breaks that cycle, forcing the problematic birds to look elsewhere for a nesting site. Bird nets, are durable and create a barrier against problem birds. Our technician can install a netting that is almost unseen , and will denies pest birds access to any building configuration including, ledges, overhangs, warehouses, courtyards, eaves even flight pads. In addition to bird nets, other efficient solutions may include i.e. bird spikes, bird gel , bird wire , electric products, trapping. We can design solutions for your exact needs and budget.

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