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3193 Belick St. #7, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Outdoor Pest Control Services

Coastal Termite & Pest Control

exterior pest control services

Effective outdoor pest control is a mix of the right solutions and using experienced pest professionals. We have both.  Coastal Termite’s technicians are trained to identify pests, survey challenges, and advise on high- risk areas. First we inspect, identify, and evaluate the root causes that are attracting pests to your property.

Evaluate and Implement

Store bought pest control and management solutions are ineffective as a long term solution. Coastal Termite and Pest Control works with your unique situation and creates a plan that will solve your pest problem.  Our trained technicians will create a customized outdoor pest control plans that will effectively targets pest that commonly infest the exterior of you property.

Outdoor Pest Monitoring

We provide year-round monitoring and documentation to ensure the effectiveness of  our Outdoor Pest Monitoring Service. We have many years of experience in the industry’s, the best training, dedicate technicians, environmentally friendly outdoor pest control methods, and the highest respect for your property.  Give Coastal Termite & Pest Control a try.

Exterior treatment includes:

Spraying or trapping in problem area’s
Cleaning of the eaves and overhangs to remove spider webs, dirt, and wasp nests
Treatment for plants and vegetation
Place bird netting, spikes and barriers to discourage birds from nesting on your property

Rodent Control

Insects & Spiders

Flying Pests

Outdoor Pest Control

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