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Residential Services

Coastal Termite and Pest Control provides year-round pest control service. We begin with an inspection of the resident to evaluate for current and potential pest problems. Then, Coastal Termite and Pest Control will recommend a customized treatment plan geared to achieving a pest free environment. For protection to your family and pets each technician can provide updated information on the pesticides used. Our technician practiced environmental safety pesticides treatment by treating is on an as needed basis, using “green pesticides” or by using a monitoring solution called Coastal- Alert.

After the Initial Pest Treatment

Within 30 days of the initial treatment, we will return, to re inspect your property’s exterior treatments, and perform your choice of monthly service, every other month service or quarterly service. During our service visits to your home, your Coastal Termite and Pest Control service technician will also check for any new pest entry points. Bee and Wasp’s nest, as well as remove any reachable spider webs.

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