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What makes Coastal Termite and Pest Control the best is we have a deep understanding of termite service, we have techniques and solutions that yield the best results no matter the situation.  When every infestation is different you need a termite company that has experience in creating a strategy that will be effective in eradicating all your termites.  Other companies may "Spray and Pray" -  We rely on our training and having the best solutions in the industry at our disposal.   We are Orange Oil Certified Experts.  Orange Oil is a good contact natural pesticide that makes sense in certain situations, but not in every case.  You need a termite expert, like us, which has knowledge and experience in using a broad range of solutions to better serve you needs.
Why most termite companies fail...
The reason why most termite companies fail to get rid of all your termites is because of poorly trained termite technicians.  It starts from having a detailed termite inspector with the ability to detect and document all the infested areas in your property.  Second, the termite technician has to have knowledge of the different treatments to apply to your situation, so that they could recommend the best strategy and solution.  Last, the termite exterminator needs to have experience in applying the application.  The major breakdown in many applications isn't the treatment,  it that the termite exterminator's experience in applying the treatment.   Don't be a victim of inexperienced termite companies, work with Coastal Termite and Pest Control.  We guarantee our work.
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