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Termite Services

Many homeowners do not realize they may have termites, and the problem can go undetected for years. Termites can eat through a house and home in a relatively short period of time. In fact, in California alone, termites cause million dollars of property damage each year! Coastal Termite and Pest Control, Inc. has over 15 years of termite inspection and treatment experience, meeting the customer needs in residential and commercial communities throughout the Bay Area.

Termite Inspections

A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a property for evidence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Our inspectors will visually inspect the entire exterior and interior of your home (including sub-space such as basements and crawlspaces) . In areas where Drywood termites are prevalent, and in houses where there are no sub-areas, the attic may also be accessed and inspected. After the inspection has been performed, the findings are reported so that we may give you a complete and accurate estimate

Termite Control

Our termite control services, Coast Alerts, have proven to be the most effective termite monitoring and prevention. Combine with our local treatment and monitoring system we have built our reputation on complete termite elimination for properties.

Termite Protection

There are a variety of treatment options available including tent fumigation, soil injection, Orange Oil treatment, local drill and treat. Contact Coastal Termite today to schedule a FREE inspection Monday through Saturday.

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